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Visual Studios 2010 Sample version?

When I installed the ASP.NET Active Query Builder, I got a 2008 sample website. I run 2010. When I converted the sample to 2010, OLEDBMetadataProvider does not exist, so I cannot build the sample site. I get 101 Warnings after commenting the OLEDBMetaDataProvider section out and trying to run one of the samples. The build does work, however trying to render ObjectTree1 on the VB "Interact Witn AspNet Controls" does not render, and I get this error on the failed objecttree1 "An unhandled exception has occurred. Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

I have been trying to push through all the problems with the conversion, but this is starting to be pointless. Is there a valid copy of a 2010 sample site available?

P.S., the Toolbox Manager errored out on install. Closing it lets me finish the installation, but that needs to be fixed.
Andrew Buis | email
September 28 2012, 09:50 AM
Dear Andrew,

The problem is that you missed the reference to OLEDBMetadataProvider. Without it you will not be able to get metadata from your database. The problem with missing OLE DB provider was not caused by converting, but due to loosing reference to the same named assembly. Please update the references in your project. The necessary assemblies can be found in the Active Query Builder installation directory, "/assemblies/.NET 2.0" folder. Please start from the simple demos first (Simple OLE DB or Simple Offline demo). Note that the Offline demo will not require any of the metadata providers, but use the pre-generated XML file with metadata.

The problems with toolbox manager is known, but hardly reproducable. We are working on it. For now you may add the necessary assemblies to the Toolbox by dragging them from the mentioned directory to an empty group on your toolbox.
Sergey Smagin | email
3 days, 3 hours since original post
To help debug the toolbox: It bombs on the 2005/2008 Toolbox. I have 2008 installed for SQL Server SSIS packages, but not C#/VB.NET/Web Developer. I also have 2010 Professional with all paths installed.

I have AQB working on another machine with just 2008 installed and it works fine. OLEDBMetaDataProvider still didn't work correctly, but SQL Server did just fine. I would think that the sample projects would have the correct references to a default install?

It would still be helpful to have a native 2010/.NET 4.0 project, so I know the errors aren't due to conversion.

Andrew Buis | email
3 days, 5 hours since original post
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