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What is the OnCustumExpressionBuilder-Event

Please explain the funtionality of that event and when will AQBX fire this event.
Klaus-Dieter Neumann | email
October 25 2007, 04:53 PM
I found the answer by my self. This function is great. That the functionality i suggest some month bevor. Never before I found it in the object modell. I think that is one of the bigest Problem of that tools. There is not a discription of the object modell. A lot of functionality can't used, because nobody know something about it.

Is it not possible to give us a object modell discription? This will spend a lot of time for the developers well as for supporters.

Nothing is perfect, everything could be made better!

Thanks Klaus
Klaus-Dieter Neumann | email
23 hours since original post
Dear Klaus,

I am fully agreed with you, and the documentation will be the "number one" feature in the second version ;) I promise to make it the best we can.

Now we are in the process of re-engineering of the current API to make it more convenient for the programmers. Most people want either to modify SQL code or to modify the visual query building interface. Now we hope, we can satisfy the programmers better when understanding their needs.

Thus we decided to concentrate our efforts on the second version and keep the first version "as is", without detailed documentation of the latest features, sorry. But I will be glad to explain you everything you want. Sorry for the inconveniences it caused you.

Sergey Smagin
Sergey Smagin | email
1 day, 17 hours since original post
Dear Sergey,

thank you for you answer. I will still wait until second version.

Klaus-Dieter Neumann | email
1 day, 17 hours since original post
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