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ActiveQueryBuilder and NexusDB

I have bought and installed the VCL edition in D7 but find that the NexusDB demo program does not load because the TacQBNexusDBMetaProvider was not found.

On inspection I found that this was not part of the acQueryBuilderD7 package so I added both acQBNexusDBMetaProvider and acQBRegisterNexusDB, recompiled and then recompiled and installed the acQueryBuilderDsgnD7 package but still no luck.

Am I doing something wrong or missing a step somewhere? Has anyone successfully used AQB with Nexus and can they point me in the right direction?

Please advise.

Dave Sellers | email
March 22 2008, 08:41 AM
Dear Dave,

Please find the 'acQueryBuilderNexusDBD7.dpk' and 'acQueryBuilderDsgnNexusDBD7.dpk' in the 'Active Query Builder\Packages\Delphi7' folder, compile the first package and install the second. Please note that the name of run-time NexusDB package changes with each minor update, so you may have to modify the name of NexusDB package name in the 'acQueryBuilderNexusDBD6.dpk' file to compile it successfully.

Please send us the installation log file to support@activedbsoft.com so we can investigate and fix possible errors.

Sergey Smagin
Sergey Smagin | email
1 day, 22 hours since original post
Hi Sergey

Yes, that's fixed it and on first impression, it looks very nice.

Thanks for your help
Dave Sellers | email
2 days, 21 hours since original post
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