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Visually create a DataSet with AQB

What would be your recommended way to visually create a DataSet with AQB?

I would like to create/design a DataSet with AQB visually. It's nearly like creating a normal query. But the difference is, that for example a subquery would not be used as a subquery, but as a table on its own. Then it would be possible to define a foreign key relation with the main table/query using AQB. I haven't tried it yet with AQB, but I'm sure it should be possible. Maybe you could give me the right direction, before I start with it and get lost in the infinite possibilities of AQB?! ;-)
Sven | email
October 29 2007, 06:41 PM
Dear Sven,

Well, may be possibilities of AQB aren't so infinite as they seem ;) I'm not sure if this would be suitable for you but I suggest you may allow you users to build an ordinary SQL query, so you can analyze it and retrieve sub-queries from it and create DataTables from them. You may have a look at the Non-visual sample project to see example of parsing of any given SQL query.

Hope this helps.

Sergey Smagin | email
12 hours, 51 mins since original post
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