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LoadMetadataByMask with Oracle

For me it is not clear, in which way I am able to use the method LoadMetadataByMask. When I try to use the method like this:
Me.aqBuilder.MetadataContainer.LoadMetadataByMask "%", "%" & UCase$(strUsername) & "%", "orcl"
I get no result.
Thanks for help
Marek Adar | email
August 13 2007, 04:36 AM
I found it. Leave databasename blank:
Me.aqBuilder.MetadataContainer.LoadMetadataByMask "%", "%" & UCase$(strUsername) & "%", ""
Marek Adar | email
9 mins since original post
Yes, you right. For Oracle and other database servers that has no support of multiple databases, you should leave this parameter blank. For those servers that may have more than one database (SQL Server, MySQL), you may set it blank in case you want to filter the current database objects. Also this method is useful in case of loading metadata from different databases: LoadMetadataByMask('%', '%', 'database_name')
Sergey Smagin | email
2 hours, 33 mins since original post
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