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5.4. Unit acQB***MetaProvider was compiled with a different version of ***

>I get the following error on compile.
>[Fatal Error] main.pas(8): Unit acQBMOPgDACMetaProvider was compiled with a different version of PSQLDbTables.TPSQLDatabase

> I am moving to to Delphi 2007. AQB used to work in Delphi 7, but now I get the following error message.
> [DCC Error] frmQueryAQB.pas(9): F2051 Unit acQBFIBPlusMetaProvider was compiled with a different version of pFIBDataSet.TpFIBDataSet

This error means that you have compiled the ac***MetaProvider unit with previous version of your data access components package, when you were installing the Active Query Builder.

Third-party metadata providers are always compiled during the Active Query Builder installation process (as we never know the exact version of third-party components installed on your PC), and if you upgrade the third-party component pack, you must also recompile the appropriate metadata provider package.

To do this, start the Active Query Builder setup program (click on the 
"Start"->"Programs"->"ActiveDBSoft"->"Active Query Builder VCL Edition"->"Uninstall Active Query Builder" item) and choose "Add or Remove IDE Installations", click next, click on the Delphi 7 checkbox (the text "Action: Reinstall" will appear below the Delphi 7 checkbox) and click Next. You can tune the reinstall process at the next page. Click Next, and the installer will recompile the choosed packages using the currently installed third-party components.

If this won't help you, you should search the entire hard drive for *.dcp files from your data access components package and remove all of them. After that, recompile DAC and AQB packages.


> BDS 2006 compiler error message:
> [Pascal Fatal Error] Unit1.pas(7): F2051 Unit acQBIBExMetaProvider was compiled with a different version of IBQuery.TIBQuery

Please check you have all latest BDS 2006 update packs installed. Click Help -> About Borland Delphi menu item, and verify your version. It must be "Borland® Delphi® for Microsoft® Windows™ Version 10.0.2558.35231 Update 2".

Even if your IBExpress versions differs, you can recompile IBEx connectivity packages manually using your version.

  1. Add C:\Program Files\ActiveDBSoft\Active Query Builder\Sources to the library path in your IDE
  2. Open and compile the runtime package "C:\Program Files\ActiveDBSoft\Active Query Builder\Packages\Delphi2006\acQueryBuilderIbExD10.dpk"
  3. Open, compile and install the design-time package "C:\Program Files\ActiveDBSoft\Active Query Builder\Packages\Delphi2006\acQueryBuilderDsgnIbExD10.dpk"

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