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3.6. Determination of unknown objects in the query


This article might be obsolete!

It is valid for Java, ActiveX, VCL editions, and for previous version of Active Query Builder .NET Edition (1.x).

The appropriate article for Active Query Builder 2 .NET Editon can be found here: How to detect incorrect object and field names in the query?.

Active Query Builder can parse queries with objects not loaded in the Metadata Container. To determine if query contains unknown objects, you may examine the QueryBuilder.QueryStatistics.UsedDatabaseObjects collection. Those items of this collection that have a null reference in the MetadataObject property were failed to find a corresponding object in the Metadata Container. The same way you may check for unknown fields using the QueryBuilder.QueryStatistics.UsedDatabaseObjectColumns collection and checking for a null reference in the MetadataField property.

For some reasons you may deny parsing of such queries by setting the QueryBuilder.ParsingErrorOnUnknownObjects property to True.

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