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2.1. What's new in Active Query Builder 2?

Visual changes:

  • Hiding the Sub-query Tabs above the Design Pane is possible now.
  • The Database Schema Tree is capable to display database object fields now.
  • The Add Object Form lets search for database objects.
  • Now it's possible to hide the Design Pane and build queries without it.
  • Swapping the Query Structure Tree and the Database Schema Tree with each other is possible now.

API changes:

  • QueryBuilder properties are reorganized into several options groups. Read more...
  • Metadata Container is completely reworked to eliminate the need for pre-loading of metadata. All the necessary information about database structure is loaded on demand now. Container is capable to store all possible types of artefacts, such as linked servers, packages, custom aggregates, etc. Read more...
  • Metadata Structure object is made to abstract from the physical structure of the database when displaying objects in the Database Schema Tree. Read more...
  • The new Metadata Container and Structure editor allows you to setup the database objects representation for the end-user the way you like.
  • The list of used database objects and fields (QueryStatistics) can be obtained now for most of the query objects: sub-queries, datasources, query column list expressions.
  • SyncSQL property is removed. The SQL property now updates the visual controls immediately, not on the next message cycle.
  • The last but not the least: the property reference is avaialble for most parts of the component.

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