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FlySpeed SQL Query History

March 23, 2011

Below is the list of bugfixes and improvements of the regular build of FlySpeed SQL Query History. You may always download the latest build or request the trial of FlySpeed SQL Query History from the download page.

+ ODBC connection form is updated: 
  * "Launch ODBC Administrator" and "Create new ODBC DataSource" buttons;
  * Connection Timeout and Command Timeout are moved to additional props;
  * Username and Password can be saved now in connection properties.
+ Moving connection queries on changing Global queries path is made.
= Ability to cancel moving queries to a new location is made.
= The Global Query Path is stored relatively now if set to default folder or
  it's sub-folders.
= The "Set to default folder" button is added to the Options dialog.
= On changing the Portable mode setting the user is asked to move the Saved
  queries to appropriate location.
= Execution of SELECT statements only is allowed in Read-only mode.
= MS Access and MySQL Login Prompt dialogs are back.
- The bug with incorrect creation of sub-folder in the queries folder is fixed.
- Unnecessary query builder update on executing SQL Query is removed.
- Memo fields were not exported to OpenXML format. Fixed now.
- Timestamp fields export to MS Excel error is fixed.
- Passwords were saved in connection properties despite of the "Save password" 
  setting. Fixed now.
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