FlySpeed Database SQL Query Tool

FlySpeed SQL Query screenshot

FlySpeed SQL Query is a full-featured SQL query tool to deal with complex data retrieval and to perform data manipulations easily. It has everything to achieve the maximum productivity possible for any user, advanced or newbie.

FlySpeed SQL Query is able to work with alomst any database and has top-of-the-art visual query builder with full support of MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and many other SQL dialects. Having used FlySpeed SQL Query once, you'll become adherent of this tool all the way.


FlySpeed Data Export Tools

Setting individual file options

Looking for an easy way to export data from your database? Try FlySpeed Data Export now!
FlySpeed Data Export is the best choice to export data from any database to Excel, CSV, HTML, XML, MS Access and to other widely used data formats. FlySpeed Data Export achieves remarkable transfer speed to export your data fast and easy.

FlySpeed Data Export Professional includes a task scheduler and a command-line tool to automate your data export tasks completely.


FlySpeed Database Migration Tools

FlySpeed DB Migrate screenshot

FlySpeed DB Migrate is a powerful tool to migrate your database from one server to another. It successfully copes with two major problems while doing this kind of job:

  1. Correct transfer of the database structure and its data in regards to all the fine points of the destination database server with support for all formats, conditions and modes.
  2. Data transfer into already existing tables with the ability to maintain full data actuality afterwards (single-side synchronization).

Active Query Builder Component

Active Query Builder screenshot

Active Query Builder component is a perfect choice for both SQL beginners and experienced query writers. It renders all SQL features like sub-queries and unions easy to use and provides a professional user with everything he needs to work with SQL queries efficiently.