Release History

FlySpeed SQL Query History

March 19, 2014

Below is the list of bugfixes and improvements of the regular build of FlySpeed SQL Query History. You may always download the latest build or request the trial of FlySpeed SQL Query History from the download page.

+ SQLite: User is prompted now to create a new database if database file 
  does not exist.
+ SQLite: Now it's possible to select exclusive or shared locking mode.
- Advantage DB: Support of Left/Right and other built-in functions is made.
- FoxPro (*.DBF files) connections: Result data is editable now.
- FoxPro: Records marked as deleted are hidden now.
= MySQL: Setting Connection timeout option to zero means timeout disabling.
- MySQL: Incorrect setting of SSH port is fixed. 
- InterBase/Firebird: Creation of new connection with default user password 
  ('masterkey') is fixed now.
= Data export core is updated.
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