Release History

FlySpeed SQL Query History

May 17, 2017

+ Now it's possible to add new detail view from the cell popup menu for
  fields with a foreign key constraint.
+ The tool now prompts if the SQL file opened from Explorer is already 
  edited. The user can choose to save edits to another file, to discard
  changes and reopen the file or to continue editing.
- The bug with applying Database property for different connection types
  has been fixed.
- Retrieving the list of databases for MS SQL Server and MySQL has been
- Detail views are closed automatically now if a corresponding field is
  missing in the query results.
- Minor improvements and bug fixes have been made.

May 04, 2017

- The bug with adding new connections has been fixed.
+ ODBC, DB2 connection types: The new option "Fetch records on demand" 
  has been added to the Advanced tab of Connection Properties dialog.
= DB2: The "ODBC Driver" option has been moved to the main tab of 
  Connection Properties dialog. Note that this option is global and needs
  program restart to be applied.
- Other minor bug fixes and improvements have been made.

May 02, 2017

= Now it is possible to cancel loading the list of databases from server 
  in the Connection Properties dialog and Create New Connection wizard.
- The bug with scrolling the text editor using scroll bars has been fixed.
- The bug with the cursor not aligning with the last line being edited
  has been fixed.
- MS SQL Server: The bug with setting table lock on the server while
  browsing the data has been fixed. Now data has been completely loaded to
  the grid. Users can limit the number of loaded records using the combo
  box on the toolbar and on the Advanced tab of Connection Properties.
  If you want to get back to the previous behavior, set the "Fetch records
  on demand" option on the Advanced tab of Connection Properties.
- Loading metadata from DB2 iSeries has been improved.
- Minor bug fixes have been made.

April 14, 2017

- Problems with metadata retrieval from DB2 iSeries have been fixed.
- Few minor bugfixes have been made.

April 12, 2017

- The bug with restoring filters for DateTime fields has been fixed.
- The tool is now operable on Windows Server 2016.
- PostgreSQL: Execution of SQL scripts with temporary tables has been fixed. 
- Minor bugs have been fixed. 

April 05, 2017

- The bug with opening the tool in Portable mode has been fixed.
- The bug with unwanted prompts to save connection properties while working
  in the Mixed mode has been fixed.

April 04, 2017

- Several bugs have been fixed.

March 30, 2017

+ Command timeout setting has been added for PostgreSQL connections.
- Several bugs have been fixed.

March 29, 2017

- Some memory leaks have been eliminated.
- Bug reports sending has been fixed.

March 28, 2017

+ Ability to display detail data sets below the data grid has been made.
  Users can select detail datasets to display according to the foreign keys
  or by specifying corresponding fields between the master and detail tables
  manually. It is possible now to define two levels of details.

+ Data view configuration is now saved between work sessions.

+ Now it's possible to define several SQL formatting schemes and to switch
  between them quickly right in the query builder window. The button to 
  switch scheme can be found on the Query Builder tab at the right of the 
  SQL text editor.

+ Data filter builder has been improved. The new "in list" and "not in list"
  operators have been added. The ability to look up for referenced table or 
  distinct values for a column has been made.

+ SSH connection to Oracle databases has been implemented.
+ SSH authentication using key files is possible now.
+ Oracle: Prompt to change the password on expiring is displayed now.

+ The new popup menu on Data Grid column headers allows hiding of column 
  and sorting by it.
= SQL Text Editor suggestion list and autocompletion have been improved.
= Multiline SQL Expression Editor look has been improved.

+ PostgreSQL: New object types are displayed in the Database Explorer now:
  materialized views, TOAST tables, and foreign tables.
- Minor SQL parsing improvements for Oracle, MySql, Firebird and IBM DB2
  have been made.

= Lots of other bugfixes and minor improvements have been made.