Release History

FlySpeed SQL Query History

March 21, 2016

Several bug fixes and improvements in Visual Query Builder are made:
+ Query Column List Control now always displays the "Delete row" button.
= Design Pane: Aggregated fields are checked now in Datasource controls.
= The TAB key behaviour in the last column of Select List is corrected.
+ Fitting of the Query Column List's column width on double clicking on
  the column splitter is made.
= Firebird: Domain name is shown now instead of type name in datasource
  field lists.
- The bug with applying "is (not) empty" filter to resultset on string fields 
  is fixed.
- Changes made to criteria of invisible cells weren't applied to the 
  query. Fixed now.
- The error with quotation of sub-query text in the cells of Select List 
  Control is fixed.
- Loading of subqueries from condition cells for "IN (subquery)" 
  expressions is fixed.
+ MS SQL Server: Support for COLLATE clause for column expressions.
- Access Violation in the "Remove CTE" event handler is eliminated.

December 25, 2015

= Incremental search is not activated when cell editor is shown.
= Filter bar is displayed on applying filter via the shortcut (Ctrl+Q) or
  using the context menu; filtration is canceled on hiding the filter bar.
- Minor bugfixes are made.
! Merry Christmas! )

December 10, 2015

+ An option to force resultset retrieval on executing non-SELECT queries
  is made visible through the drop-down menu of Execute toolbar button.
= Non-select queries are opened on the SQL Text tab by default.
- Minor bugfixes and improvements are made.

December 03, 2015

- The bug on clicking on the "*" item of the datasource fields list 
  is fixed.
+ Polish localization is added. Thanks to Witek Szczypka for this
+ Parsing and autocorrection of unquoted string literals, date constants 
  and enumerations typed in the Criteria column cells of the Visual Query
  Builder is improved.
- Other minor bug fixes and improvements are made.

November 13, 2015

= Minor improvements in the Visual Query Builder are made.
= Parameters used in SQL expressions can be turned off separately in 
  the Query Parameter Values dialog.
- The bug with date picker is fixed.

November 10, 2015

- Unhandled exception on selecting XML data export type is addressed.
- Delays on connecting to generic OLE DB or ODBC datasources with database
  server autodetection are significantly reduced.

November 03, 2015

= Some more performance optimizations are made.
- The "Range Check error" on exporting to Excel datasets with large amount
  of columns is fixed.
- Some SQL syntax fixes are made.

October 30, 2015

= More speed optimizations for working with datasets with large number of
  columns are made.
- Problems with connecting to Progress OpenEdge database server are fixed.
- Other minor fixes and improvements are made.

October 27, 2015

= Opening data views with thousands of columns is performed times faster now.
- The error on parsing queries containing "d" identifiers is fixed.
- Minor bugs are fixed.

October 21, 2015

+ The new option not to quote text fields in exported CSV files is added.
- Several minor bugs are fixed.