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FlySpeed SQL Query

February 24, 2011

FlySpeed SQL Query 2.9 is released.
Ability to build queries with CTE visually, major data browsing and editing improvements, SQL History and more.

March 19, 2010

FlySpeed SQL Query 2.7 is released.
Lots of bug fixes are made, many parts of application are remaked for better stability and performance.

December 31, 2009

FlySpeed SQL Query 2.6.9 is released.
Ability to save queries in sub-folders, minor bug fixes and improvements.

June 16, 2009

FlySpeed SQL Query 2.6.5 is released.
This is the bugfix release for the latest minor version.

May 27, 2009

FlySpeed SQL Query 2.6 is released.
Ability to copy data to clipboard, to quick filter and sort data is made.