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FlySpeed SQL Query

June 16, 2008

FlySpeed SQL Query 2.0 is out!
Export to Excel, CSV, Text and XML files is implemented...

May 08, 2008

FlySpeed SQL Query 1.2.5 is released
Database server autodetection, prompting for parameter values and other minor improvements.

February 01, 2008

FlySpeed SQL Query 1.2 is released
Speed improvements, ability to print result data, direct connection to MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle.

October 04, 2007

FlySpeed SQL Query 1.1 is out
This is the first bugfix release for the current production version.

August 14, 2007

FlySpeed SQL Query 1.0 is released
The new Free end-user utility intended to build SQL queries and work with data is available for download.