Common F.A.Q.

Pre-Sales Questions

How are your products licensed?

A: The number of the purchased licenses should be equal to the number of client computers where our products are installed. Nevertheless you can install a copy of our software on your home or portable computer provided that you do not use these at the same time. In this case one license is enough.

What is an End-User License Agreement?

A: The End-User License Agreement (EULA) is a contract between you and Active Database Software that describes the way you can use the software. EULA can:

  • Tell you what changes you are able to make to the software
  • Limit your right to make copies of the software
  • Allow you to transfer the software or load it on a portable device
  • Tell you whether you are able to upgrade the software
  • Grant you specific rights to use networks

What methods of payment do you accept?

A: You may place your order using all major Credit Cards, by Wire Transfer, Purchase Order, Phone, Fax, postal mail, and now - via PayPal. If you need any other payment option, or looking for the local reseller in your region, please contact us at sales.

What types of discounts do you provide?

A: We provide several types of discounts:

  • Volume discount: allows you to save your money when buying 2 or more items of one product. (click the "Buy now" button on the purchase page to see volume discounts)
  • Localization discount: Translate the user interface of one of our tools to your native language and send us your translation to receive the 30% discount.
  • Blog writer discount: Write a useful article describing some aspects of our software, publish your success story using our database tools and components and get the 25% or even greater discount. Please contact us at sales for more details.
  • Educational and non-profit organizations discount: If you are a representative of an educational institute or non-profit organization and you are interested in using ActiveDBSoft products, write to us at sales to get the possibility of purchasing all the necessary software for only 50% from the all-round price.

NOTE: Active Database Software reserves the right to cancel or change offers and/or promotions at our own discretion. All prices are subject to change without prior notice. Some offers and/or promotions may be limited in quantity or not be valid in certain areas.

What shall I receive after payment?

A: All of our products are delivered via ESD (Electronic Software Delivery) only. After purchase a customer will be able to download registration keys or passwords and download links for archives of full software versions.

Due to frequent cases of credit card frauds, we check every order manually. Normally your order will be verified by our team within the 8 hours after the purchase, but in no case will it take more than 48 hours.

What about your Return and Refund Policy?

A: We admit that our customers are interested in getting well-described purchase information. Therefore, we recommend you to take advantage of our free trial software downloads, available on our website. We also encourage you to explore product pages of our website to obtain comprehensive information about any product.

We're sorry, but we cannot give a refund for the following reasons:

  • You have chosen the wrong product during the purchase process.
  • You have bought the wrong version for your development environment.
  • Your computer doesn't meet the minimal system requirements.
  • You changed your mind after you had purchased the product.

We approve of refund only if these both following conditions are met:

  • If you can't work properly with our product because it has major bugs.
  • If we can't fix these bugs within two weeks.

This money-back guarantee is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. On the expiration of this term we will endeavor to help you as far as possible, but no refund may be given.

To request a refund for your downloaded (ESD) software purchase, please, write to us at sales. In your message, you should describe the problem and explain why you want to return the product, include your name, e-mail address and the reference code of your purchase. You will find the reference code in purchase confirmation E-mail. We expect you to have destroyed all downloaded key files or software and have not copied or saved them in any other way. When your refund request has been reviewed, we will send our consent on processing refund to the e-commerce provider. Your refund will be credited to the credit card charged during your original transaction. E-commerce provider will contact you by E-mail to confirm that the refund has been paid.

NOTE: Charge backs to credit cards or stop payments on checks as a means to "returning" of software will be construed as fraud and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

I want to sell my ActiveDBSoft software license. Is it transferable?

A: We are Sorry, but no. When a customer purchases a software license, the software is registered for the customer's name. Once registered, this software cannot be transferred to a third party. Active Database Software provides technical support only for original customers.

Maintenance Questions

What is Maintenance and why is it necessary?

A: FlySpeed Software Maintenance Program is a cost-effective and comprehensive program that includes technical support, software updates, and many other benefits. The primary benefit of this program is that having the functioning maintenance subscription you automatically receive the newest versions of software upon release at no additional cost. This allows you and your organization to keep up with the latest software technology developments, take advantage of usability improvements, and manage software licenses more easily. As a participant of the FlySpeed Software Maintenance Program you are eligible for:

  • Technical Support assistance from skilled and experienced professionals
  • Consultations on operational aspects of the software
  • Free software enhancements, updates and upgrades during the maintenance period

How much does Software Maintenance cost?

A: Maintenance pricing is a percentage of the SRP (Standard Retail Price) of the product for which maintenance is purchased. Maintenance pricing depends on the period you purchase it for and makes:

  • 1 year Maintenance - 30% of the product SRP
  • 2 year Maintenance - 25% of the product SRP per each year
  • 3 year Maintenance - 20% of the product SRP per each year

Thus, if you would prefer longer term coverage, you can purchase 3 year Maintenance for only 60% of the product SRP, which is a lot cheaper compared to paying 30% annually. Maintenance will always be quoted as a percentage of SRP rather than of net, or purchase, price. Pricing for maintenance terms beyond 3 years will be provided upon request.

How do I purchase or renew my Maintenance?

A:The easiest way to purchase Maintenance is to set the appropriate option during the purchase process. To renew Maintenance or to purchase it separately, please contact us at sales.

When does the Maintenance term start?

A: The Maintenance term begins on the purchase date of your software product.

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