Professional Database Tools

The FlySpeed series of database tools extremely simplifies database management, having all essential weapons to deal with routine database tasks. Being professional database administrator or a first-time database application developer, FlySpeed database software tools will provide you with the right tools to achieve the maximum productivity possible!

Choose the right database software for your needs:

  • Database tools to migrate your database to another server or to export your data to Excel and other document office formats:
  • Database tool to deal with SQL queries and work with data with ease:

Developer Components

"Simplicity for the end-user and flexibility for the developer" describes the ideal component we aim for. After two years of development and extensive testing, we released our unique visual query building component, which has since been hailed by other developers of database tools.

Active Query Builder is a component, which can be used natively in Delphi, Visual Studio or Visual Studio .NET, so your database software can take advantage of intuitive, visual process for end-users to build complex queries for a wide range of database servers.