FlySpeed SQL Query

Release History

March 27, 2015

FlySpeed SQL Query changelog

Below is the list of bugfixes and improvements in FlySpeed SQL Query

+ Width of columns of the Query Columns grid on the Query Builder tab
  is saved between work sessions now.
= The "Show query text on the separate tab" option is preserved now.
  Turning this option off will hide the "SQL Text" tab for new query
  windows, but it still will be shown for non-SELECT or invalid SELECT
- Field lists in Criteria Builder on the Data tab are filled correctly.
- Other minor bug fixes and improvements are made.   
[           Legend:          ]
[ + Newly added feature      ]
[ = Improved/changed feature ]
[ - Bug fix                  ]
[ ! Important notice         ]

You can download the latest build or request the trial of FlySpeed SQL Query from the download page.

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