FlySpeed SQL Query

Release History

March 25, 2022

FlySpeed SQL Query changelog

Below is the list of bugfixes and improvements in FlySpeed SQL Query

  • The query history is fixed.
  • Fields were incorrectly marked as "not null" and vice versa for some servers.
  • The bug with re-running a query with parameters is fixed.
  • Null values for boolean fields aren't displayed as empty check boxes now.
  • The bug with holding down the F5 key on the Query Builder tab is fixed.
  • The "Start "JOIN" keywords from new lines" SQL text formatting option now works correctly in all the cases.
  • The Alt+[Arrow Up/Down] shortcut now lets switch the current SQL statement in the script.
  • Oracle SQL syntax fixes are made.

You can download the latest build or request the trial of FlySpeed SQL Query from the download page.

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