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June 21, 2010

FlySpeed DB Migrate 3.0 is out!

We're glad to announce the new major version of FlySpeed DB Migrate. The new version is available for download at the download page.

What's new in FlySpeed DB Migrate v. 3.0?

Several UI improvements are made for quicker browsing and easier working with DB Migrate projects:

  • Ability to preview export project summary in the Open DB Migrate Project dialog is made.
  • Bypassing of any number of steps of the wizard on loading a project is possible now.
  • Now you may open a DB Migrate project at any step of the wizard.

Other improvements are made:

  • Now it is possible to connect to a remote MySQL server using local port forwarding through the SSH (Secure SHell) tunnel.
  • Passwords from connection strings are encoded in the project files now.
  • Now you may retrieve data from AcuCobol and Pervasive DB 10 databases.
  • Fixed bug when retrieving Unicode data from text fields of MS Access database.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements are made.

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