Release History

FlySpeed SQL Query History

April 03, 2012

+ Data sorting, columns order and visibility are applied to the data export now.
+ The Windows toolbar is made to browse and switch query windows with ease.
- Exception on changing sub-query tabs in the query parts editing mode is fixed.
- Filtration by boolean fields is fixed.

March 13, 2012

- Independent editing of sub-queries is fixed. Now the whole query is not
  replaced with sub-query after it's editing. 
- Saving of port and host for PostgreSQL SSH connections is fixed.
- Timeouts for MS SQL server (Native client connection method) are fixed.

March 07, 2012

+ Boolean fields are displayed as checkboxes in the Data grid now.
+ Now it's possible to use DSA authentication algorithm for SSH tunneling.
+ Now it's possible to edit sub-query text independently of the main query.
  The new button is added to the Query Builder tab toolbar to set this mode on.
- PostgreSQL port does not change now after connecting through SSH tunnel.
- Now it's possible to execute non-SELECT statements for Advantage, FoxPro and
  DBF connections.

February 29, 2012

+ Now it is possible to setup data formats for the data grid. The appropriate
  button is added to the Data tab toolbar.
+ The status bar is added to the query window to display query execution time
  and number of fetched records.
- The unavailability of PostgreSQL client library won't cause exception now.
- The bug with changing connection for a query is fixed now.

February 17, 2012

- The error message on executing SQL queries slower that 1 sec is fixed.
- The error on executing a parameterised query (using named notation) 
  for MS SQL Server with native connection method is fixed.
- SQL text does not disappear on changing connection for a query window.
- Other minor bugfixes are made.

February 10, 2012

+ Now connection properties can be saved independently from the rest of the
  stored properties in the program installation folder. Modification of these
  settings will result in UAC prompt in Windows Vista and 7. 
  This might be useful if you want to deny modification of connection properties
  for the users with limited rights. 
  To switch to this mode, install the application in normal (not portable) mode
  and switch to the Portable mode in the Program Settings dialog.
+ Ability to check for updates and update the application automatically is made.
+ Now the query execution time is shown in the status bar.
- The bugs with sorting for not uniquely named or unnamed columns are fixed.
- The bug with PostgreSQL SSH tunnel connection is fixed.

December 28, 2011

- Folder's previous content was deleted if existed before moving queries to it.
  Fixed now.
= Filter is applied now on pressing the Enter key in filter editor or on
  selecting value from lookup dataset.
= Selecting new "is equal" value in the Quick Filter for the column that's
  already filtered doesn't add new filter item, but replaces the existing one.
= The Ctrl-Q shortcut is made to apply quick filter from the currently selected
  cell value.
= Alt+Arrow Down key combination opens the lookup dataset window now.

December 26, 2011

+ Connection through SSH thunnel is made for PostgreSQL databases.
+ "Like" and "Not like" operators are added to the quick filter bar.
= The "Read-only" yellow panel is gone. It is replaced with the dialog.
= Incremental search is reworked. It is activated now with the "Ctrl+F" keys.
- The bug with search and replace shortcuts in SQL text editor is fixed.

December 13, 2011

- Minor bugs are fixed.

November 23, 2011

- Stored password for MS SQL Server was applied incorrectly in case of using 
  SQL Native Client connection. Fixed now.
- The bug with occasional changing of loaded queries is fixed.