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FlySpeed SQL Query (Desktop/Portable) 32-bit Mar 21, 2019 17.35 MB Download now!
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What are the main changes in the FlySpeed SQL Query 3.7.5 since version 3.7.3?

  • Support for NexusDB has been added.
  • Support for SAP Hana has been added.
  • Code completion in the SQL Text Editor has been improved.
  • The ability to import and export all program settings is added.
  • Notes are displayed in tooltips for queries in the Database Explorer.
  • MySQL: Support for Common Table Expression (WITH clause) has been added.

What are the main changes made in the previous versions?

  • Support for Pervasive PSQL has been added.
  • Form view has been re-made for better performance and usability and moved from the tab to a sidebar.
  • Ability to display detail data sets below the data grid.
  • Folding SQL scripts by statements is possible now.
  • New SQL formatting options to beautify conditional expressions (IF and CASE) have been added.
  • Data view configuration is now saved between work sessions.
  • A new dialog is made to edit complex SQL expressions in the Expression and Criteria cells of the Query Columns List.
  • The Connection Parameters form has been redesigned.

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