Release History

FlySpeed SQL Query History

October 14, 2014

+ Fonts in Visual Query Builder are scaled correctly now.
+ Better resolving of column naming conflicts is made.
+ Aliases are assigned to unnamed columns automatically now.
+ Field Type column is added in the Expressions query statistics grid.
+ Hints for connections are shown in the Database Explorer.
+ Column widths on exporting data to XLS and XSLX are corrected.
+ It is now possible to fit column widths by the content.
- "Copy column names" option is fixed.
- The bug with incorrect creation of links for multi-column foreign keys when 
  manually created using the Linked Objects button is fixed.
- The bug with Quick Search feature (Ctrl+F) in the Data Grid is fixed.
= MySQL: Time values greater than 24 hours are displayed correctly now. 
  Unfortunately it is still not possible to write such values in the grid. 
  We hope to fix this problem soon.
= MS SQL Server, Oracle: Parametrized queries are used to fetch field lists
  (reduces database server load).
- MySQL: Quoted characters in string literals are supported now.
- PostgreSQL: RECURSIVE keyword in WITH clause is supported now.
- Firebird: WEEK date part is supported now.
- Minor bugs are fixed.

September 02, 2014

+ The Ctrl+W shortcut is added to close the current MDI child window.
= Fetching limit setting is saved automatically now.
- Query layout is saved correctly on renaming a query in the tree.
- Few minor bug fixes and SQL parsing improvements are made.

August 13, 2014

= Now the tool switches to the "Mixed mode" when found the settings 
  "FlySpeed SQL Query.ini" file in the program installation folder 
  being registered in Desktop mode. This allows for read-only access 
  to connection settings stored in the .ini file, but using the 
  registry for saving the rest of user settings.
- The tool does not allow for changing of the user queries folder
  in the Mixed mode.
- The bug with collapsing the Database Explorer tree on metadata loading 
  is fixed.
- The Access voilaton error on running query in a separate window when
  different connection is selected in the Database Explorer is fixed.

August 04, 2014

- The "Provider cannot be found" is fixed.
- MS SQL Server: Native Client 11 connection strings are fixed.

August 01, 2014

+ The "Autofit columns width" button is added to the Data grid toolbar.
+ The new properties to control behavior on double-click on database objects
  and saved queries in the Database Explorer are added.
+ The new property to control sorting of fields in datasources on Design area
  of the Query Builder is added.
+ The new property to control docking of the Query window toolbar to the 
  main window is added.
+ Drag-n-drop of objects, fields and saved queries to the SQL text editor
  is possible now.
+ Schema name is skipped now when database objects are grouped by schema in 
  the Database Explorer tree.
+ Query windows toolbar is improved. 
= Adjusting control's height in the Query Builder tab on decreasing Query
  window height is made now.
- Exporting Time values to .xls Excel file is fixed.
- Setting of column widths when exporting to Excel is corrected.
- The bug with not opening the master password prompt is fixed.
= Japaneese language is updated.
- Displaying XML and GIF files in BLOB view is corrected.
- Advanced cconnect options to group objects by schema and type are fixed.
- Date formats are fixed in Report view.
- Errors on trying to get access to inaccessible folders of queries saved 
  in connection are handled correctly now.
- Many other minor fixes and improvements are made.

July 04, 2014

+ The new options to group objects in the database explorer by schema
  and object type, to hide system objects, and to expand grouping nodes
  automatically are added to the advanced connection properties.
- The bug with not expanding table fields in the database objects tree 
  is fixed.
- The bug with not updating columns orders in the data grid on changing 
  it in the query is fixed.
- The error on executing non-SELECT statement is corrected.
- The bug with incorrect setting of date separator in the data grid is 
- Other minor bugs are fixed. 
= Language files are updated; unused items are removed. 

June 12, 2014

+ New database password prompt dialog is made.
- All types of connections work correcly now.
- Information about foreign keys is loaded correctly.
= Connection to SQLite is possible in mormal (not exclusive) mode only.

June 10, 2014

- Execution of non-SELECT statements is possible now.
- Prompting for password for MySQL connections is fixed.
- Editing data in MySQL is fixed.
! Known problems of this Beta version:
- Some connection types configured to prompt for password are still unworkable.
- Information about foreign keys is not loaded correctly. Thus, lookup data is
  now shown, joins are not created automatically, the Add linked objects menu
  is not working.
* You can download the latest version of 2.10 branch here:

June 09, 2014

! This is the first public 3.0 beta version. 
+ Query Layout and SQL History are saved between work sessions now.
+ Table data can be browsed and edited without building a query.
+ Multiple records deletion is possible now.
+ Copying and pasting single cell data without entering into the cell data 
  edit mode.
- The problem on opening a query before the metadata is completely loaded is
  fixed now.
- Query cancellation is funcioning properly in all the cases now.
- Timestamp and Date parameters are fixed.
- Other minor bugfixes and improvements are made.

March 25, 2014

+ "Charset" option to connect to non-Unicode MySQL databases is added to the
  Advanced tab. Turn off the "Use Unicode" option to take effect of this one.
= Local port for SSH connections is determined automatically now.
- ANSI standard DATETIME'dd/mm/yyyy' literals are supported now.
- Other minor fixes are made.