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August 23, 2011

FlySpeed SQL Query 2.9.4 is released.

We're glad to announce the new minor version of FlySpeed SQL Query. The new version is available at the download page.

What's new in the FlySpeed SQL Query v. 2.9.4?

  • Localization is possible now. Russian translation is available.
  • Moving columns in data grid is possible by dragging column headers.
  • Lookup data is possible in filter toolbar for fields with foreign keys.
  • Incremental search in query results is made. It may be switched off using the button on the Data View tool bar.
  • Now it's possible to setup data formatting options for Print View from the Report Options dialog at the Data Formats tab.
  • Now you may define any column delimiter when exporting data to CSV.
  • The check box is added to the Grouping column header of Visual Query Builder. It allows to quckly toggle the grouping for the query on and off.
  • The new command "Create New Query From Selected Text" is added.
  • Connection to Advantage DB databases is possible now.
  • ANSI SQL/89 syntax is added for generic ADO and ODBC connections.
  • DB2 and MS SQL Server connections now use different components to get access to corresponding database servers.
  • MS SQL Server: Table and query hints are supported; join hints are parsed fine now, but not preserved due to architecture limitations.
  • The "Create links from relations" option is set by default for the new connections.
  • Command timeouts were not applied to correctly for ADO-based connections. Fixed now.
  • "Show query builder by default" setting wasn't saved. Fixed now.
  • BLOB View: Unicode data is saved to Memo and Varchar fields correctly now.
  • Bugs with Report Options dialog are fixed.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements are made.

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