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September 29, 2017

FlySpeed SQL Query 3.5.7 has been released.

We're glad to announce the new version of FlySpeed SQL Query. The new version 3.5.7 is available for downloading at the download page.

What's new in the FlySpeed SQL Query 3.5.7 since version 3.5?

  • German and Italian localizations have been added.
  • Folding SQL scripts by statements is possible now.
  • Data preview for parameterized queries is possible now.
  • New SQL formatting options to beautify conditional expressions (IF and CASE) have been added.
  • Execution of non-SELECT statements or SELECT statements prefixed by DECLARE or SET statements now possible without hold down the Ctrl key.
  • Now it's possible to display descriptions for database objects in the Database Explorer.
  • Icons are scaled properly now on hi-resolution monitors.
  • The Connection Parameters form has been redesigned.

As usual, we'll be grateful for all your suggestions, ideas and bug reports, so please don't hesitate to send them to us.

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