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May 27, 2022

FlySpeed SQL Query 4.1 simplifies the SQL query execution and data import

We're glad to announce the new version 4.1 of FlySpeed SQL Query.

  • Overall imrovements:
    • The Data Import wizard has been replaced with a simpler Import Options dialog. The data mapping UI is made clearer and more informative.
    • Data Import: Data type conversion errors can be omitted now. They are highlighted now in the Data mapping preview grid.
    • Query windows bar has got a close button. Connection name is stated in the button caption.
    • Filter Builder: List values editing is made easier. Enter shifts focus to the next item in the list. Alt+Home/End focuses the first/last item.
    • DB Explorer: You can scale the font using Ctrl+[Mouse wheel scroll].
    • DB Explorer: Field types and descriptions are now shown on hovering a node in the tree.
  • SQL Text Editor improvements:
    • The new mode allows for execution of SQL statements in the script one by one with just one command or F5 shortcut.
    • The Alt+[Arrow Up/Down] shortcut now lets switch the current SQL statement in the script.
    • The current statement pointer now follows the cursor in the text.
    • A button to re-format the current statement is added to the SQL Text tab toolbar.
    • A button is displayed on the gutter on selecting a piece of text to execute the selected fragment.
    Shortcuts are changed:
    • F5 runs the current query:
      - from the Query Builder tab -- in the Result Data tab,
      - from the SQL Text Editor -- in a tab below the text editor or in the Result Data tab depending on the user choice. The user determines the data grid location using the Execute drop-down button on the toolbar.
      Holding the Ctrl key down with F5 instructs the tool to execute the selected fragment instead.
    • F7 runs the whole script on the Result Data tab.
    • F9 runs the whole script in a separate window.

Feel free to share your feedback with us. We are eager to hear all of your suggestions, ideas, and bug reports!

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