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April 27, 2011

FlySpeed SQL Query 2.9.2 is released.

We're glad to announce the new minor version of FlySpeed SQL Query. The new version is available at the download page.

What's new in the FlySpeed SQL Query v. 2.9.2?

Form View

  • Ability to browse the related table to lookup the value for the referenced field is made.
  • Lookup window saves it's position, fields order and sorting, shown/hidden columns between work sessions for each lookup table.

Connection Properties

  • Execution of the SELECT statements only is allowed in Read-only Mode.
  • The new property is added to Advanced Connection Options to instruct the Query Builder to Create joins in WHERE clause instead of creating ANSI JOINS.
  • The new property is added to Advanced Connection Options to instruct the Query Builder to Create links between objects by identical field names. Can be useful for legacy databases which have no foreign keys defined.
  • The global option "Create Joins From Foreign Keys" is moved to Advanced Connection Options.
    You may need to set this property in Advanced Connection Options for all of your connections.
  • MS Access and MySQL Login Prompt dialogs are reverted.
  • Passwords were saved in connection properties despite of the "Save password" setting. Fixed now.
  • ODBC Connection Form is updated:

    - "Launch ODBC Administrator" and "Create new ODBC Data Source" buttons are added;

    - Connection Timeout and Command Timeout are moved to Advanced Connection Options;

    - Username and Password can be saved now.

Global Options

  • The "Same as Main Query format" option is added to the SQL text formatting options of various Sub-query types.
  • The "Maximim object height" option is added to the Query Builder visual options.
  • Now the tool saves the height of SQL Text Editor and the height of Query Columns Grid automatically.
  • Moving the qureies saved in connections on changing the Global Queries Path is made.

Common Table Expressions

  • The new "Add CTE" button is added to the Query Builder Toolbar that allows to Add new or Insert existing CTE to the query.
  • A menu is shown now on dropping a saved query to Design Pane asking to add this query as Derived Table or as CTE.
  • SQL text formatting options for Common Table Expressions are added.

SQLite connections

  • The tool is capable now to retrieve foreign keys from SQLite databases.
  • Embedded SQLite functions are supported now by Visual Query Builder.

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