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May 02, 2017

FlySpeed SQL Query 3.5 has been released.

We're glad to announce the new version of FlySpeed SQL Query. The new version 3.5 is available for downloading at the download page.

What's new in the FlySpeed SQL Query 3.5 since version 3.3?

  • Data browsing improvements:
    • Ability to display detail data sets below the data grid has been made. Users can select detail datasets to display data according to the foreign keys or by specifying corresponding fields between the master and detail tables manually. It is possible now to define two levels of details.
    • Data view configuration is now saved between work sessions.
    • Data filter builder has been improved. The new "in list" and "not in list" operators have been added. Ability to look up for referenced table or distinct values for a column has been made.
  • Database connection improvements:
    • SSH connection to Oracle databases has been made.
    • SSH authentication using key files is possible now.
    • Oracle: Prompt to change the password on expiring is displayed now.
    • The new Teradata connection type has been added.
    • Ability to select multiple databases to show in the Database Explorer in the New Connection wizard has been made.
    • Attempt to connect to the database in the Connection Settings dialog is now performed in a separate thread and can be canceled.
  • SQL editing improvements:
    • Now it's possible to define several SQL formatting schemes and to switch between them quickly right in the query builder window. The button to switch scheme can be found on the Query Builder tab at the right of the SQL text editor.
    • Line numbers gutter can be shown now in the SQL Text Editor.
    • SQL Text Editor suggestion list and autocompletion have been improved.
    • The Search and Replace functionality in the SQL Text Editor has been improved: highlighting of all found occurrences of text, the ability to continue the search from the beginning, to search only in selected text, a progress bar on replacing multiple fragments have been made.
    • The new dialog that lets edit SQL expressions and conditions in the Query Columns Grid via a multiline text editor has been added. You can open it by clicking the Ellipsis button in the Expression and Criteria column cells of the Query Columns Grid.
    • The new bar has been added to the Sub-query Preview tab to display the total number of records returned by this subquery.
    • Ability to show descriptions for fields in the datasource field lists on the Design Pane has been added. The "Object fields list view style" option on the "Query Builder" - "Design Pane" tab of the Program Options dialog lets tune this option.
    • The new option to automatically fit the width of a newly added datasource by its content (field name and type) has been added to the Program Options dialog on the "Query Builder" - "Design Pane" tab.
    • The new option to define the default value to limit the number of rows visible at a time has been added to the Advanced tab of the Connection Properties dialog.

As usual, we'll be grateful for all your suggestions, ideas and bug reports, so please don't hesitate to send them to us.

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