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What's new in the FlySpeed SQL Query 3.2.5 since version 3.2?

  • Multiple rows selection in the Query Columns Grid is made to allow for easy query columns re-ordering in the Query Builder.
  • Filters and sortings applied on the Data tab are preserved after re-executing the query or refreshing a dataset.
  • Metadata retrieval and SQL execution performance is improved.
  • PostgreSQL: Materialized views are shown in the Database Explorer.
  • Query Parameter Values form now supports Time and Timestamp values.
  • The new option to show the Data Filter Bar by default is made.
  • The Aggregate column is moved closer to the Grouping column in Visual Query Builder's Query Columns Grid.
  • User name is now requested among with a database password if it's not specified in connection properties.
  • Cancellation of SQL query execution doesn't freeze the tool.
  • The bug with not saving password for Firebird and InterBase is fixed.
  • Collation can be set for Advantage DB connections now.
  • Incremental search in the Lookup Data Grid is fixed.

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