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What are the main changes in the FlySpeed SQL Query 3.3.3 since version 3.3?

  • Native connection to Teradata has been made.
  • The Search and Replace functionality in the SQL Text Editor has been improved.
  • Lots of bug fixes and minor improvements in the SQL Text Editor have been made.
  • The total number of records returned by sub-query can be counted on the Preview tab.
  • Ability to show descriptions for fields in the Visual Query Builder has been added.
  • Descriptions are now shown in hints for the nodes of the Database Explorer tree.
What are the main changes in the FlySpeed SQL Query 3.3 since version 3.2.5?

  • The new SQL Text editor with code completion and syntax highlighting has been implemented.
  • Ability to preview SQL query sample while tuning SQL formatting options has been added.
  • Non-select queries are opened on the SQL Text tab by default.
  • Opening data views with thousands of columns is performed times faster now.
  • Parameters used in SQL expressions can be turned off separately in the Query Parameter Values dialog.
  • Tab character has been added to the list of separators for data export to CSV files (Tab Separated Values).
  • Query Column List Control in Visual Query Builder now always displays the "Delete row" button
  • Parsing and autocorrection of unquoted string literals, date constants and enumerations typed in the Criteria column cells of the Visual Query Builder have been improved.

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