FlySpeed SQL Query


In-purchase benefits:

  • Ability to export data, print and save to PDF files.
  • The right for the perpetual use of the software
  • The right to receive free updates until the subscription expiration
  • The right to receive free support by e-mail until the subscription expiration.
100% satisfaction guarantee

We fully stand behind our product and provide you an unconditional guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with FlySpeed SQL Query, for any reason, simply let us know within 90 days from your purchase date and we will refund you the full purchase price no questions asked.

Licensing terms

  • Corporate use: If the software is purchased for corporate use, a license must be purchased for each computer or virtual PC on which you install FlySpeed SQL Query. If the software is installed on a terminal server or a shared network drive, you must obtain a license for each user who's allowed to use the software. If a terminal server strictly limits the number of concurrent users who can work with the software at a time, a license can be purchased for each concurrent user.
  • Personal use: If the software is purchased individually for personal use and is not installed on corporate computers, you can install FlySpeed SQL Query on up to 3 computers having purchased the single license.
  • Mixed use: If the software is purchased for corporate use, a licensee can install an additional copy of FlySpeed SQL Query for personal use on either a portable computer or a computer located at home as long as the software is not used simultaneously on both computers.

Portable version:
If the software is installed on a portable drive such as a USB drive, the portable drive is equivalent to one computer as described above.

Volume discounts

Desktop version:
Number of licensesNormalLifetime
1 license39 USD99 USD
2-4 licenses35.1 USD89.1 USD
5-9 licenses31.2 USD79.2 USD
10-24 licenses27.3 USD69.3 USD
25-49 licenses23.4 USD59.4 USD
50-99 licenses19.5 USD49.5 USD
100+ licenses15.6 USD39.6 USD

Portable version:
Number of licensesNormalLifetime
1 license49 USD129 USD
2-4 licenses44.1 USD116.1 USD
5-9 licenses39.2 USD103.2 USD
10-24 licenses34.3 USD90.3 USD
25-49 licenses29.4 USD77.4 USD
50-99 licenses24.5 USD64.5 USD
100+ licenses19.6 USD51.6 USD
Subscription prolongation

Subscription is prolonged for selected number of years starting from the previous expiration date no matter if it's already expired or not.

Prolongation termDesktop versionPortable version
1 year12.90 USD16.90 USD
2 years19.90 USD24.90 USD
3 years24.90 USD29.90 USD

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50% Academic and Non-profit (non-government) discount

We are happy to provide 50% discount for academic and non-profit (but neither government nor municipal) organizations. Just drop us a line.

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Desktop version
Product description Price Avangate
FlySpeed SQL Query Desktop version with 1 Year Subscription 39.00 USD Buy now
FlySpeed SQL Query Desktop version with Lifetime Subscription 99.00 USD Buy now

Portable version
Product description Price Avangate
FlySpeed SQL Query Portable version with 1 Year Subscription 49.00 USD Buy now
FlySpeed SQL Query Portable version with Lifetime Subscription 129.00 USD Buy now

What is the difference between the Desktop and Portable versions?

  • The Desktop version of the software has been designed for installation on a non-removable drive of the end-user computer to a non-shared folder (by default to the Program Files folder). It can store its settings in the Registry or the user's local Application Data folder.
  • The Portable version of the software must be installed into a writable folder on any drive of the end-user computer, to a network drive, or to a folder that is shared among several end-user computers. It stores its settings in the program installation folder, so it can't be installed to the Program Files folder as it's not writable without the Administrator rights.

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