FlySpeed Data Export

Product overview

The Universal Database Export Tool

FlySpeed Data Export is the must-have tool to export data from your database quickly and easily. The ability to export data from almost any database using OLE DB or ODBC, and save data to the most-popular office formats makes FlySpeed Data Export a really universal data export tool.

FlySpeed Data Export was successfully tested with all popular database servers, such as MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Firebird and many others. The tool lets you to save data in MS Excel, CSV, HTML, XML, DBF, Text, MS Word, MS Access, Open Document Text and Spreadsheet formats.

The Essential Tool for Everyday Data Transfer

FlySpeed Data Export is not a one-time utility, but a set of Power Tools to automate your data export tasks. Saving all export settings to a file, you may easily repeat your task in a few mouse clicks. The Command-line tool and the Task Scheduler let you automate your data transfer completely.

The Free Tool to Export Your Data

The Trial version of FlySpeed Data Export does not have any limitations and allows taking advantage of all features of Professional version during the 30 day period. After the trial period, you may still use the Free version of the product at unlimited time and export your data without any restrictions!

Available versions

FlySpeed Data Export Tool is available in the following editions:
FlySpeed Data Export, Universal Edition Download now
FlySpeed Data Export for MySQL Download now
FlySpeed Data Export for SQL Server Download now
FlySpeed Data Export for Oracle Download now

FlySpeed Data Export Key Features

  • Simple management of data export tasks.
  • Easy sorting and filtration of exported data.
  • Data export from Oracle, MySQL and MS SQL Server databases via direct connection.
  • Data export from PostgreSQL, Firebird, DB2, Sybase, Informix, dBASE databases and any other ODBC or OLE DB compatible data sources.
  • Data export to MS Excel, CSV, Text, MS Word, MS Access, HTML, XML, RTF, DBF and Open Office formats.
  • Exporting data from database tables, views and custom SQL queries.
  • Exporting data using native Oracle Export and mysqldump utilities.
  • Exporting database BLOB field values to files.
  • Wide range of configuration options for each data format.
  • High performance, low memory utilization, optimized for large databases.
  • Running data transfer tasks in one click using the Command-line tool.
  • Full automation of data export with the Task Scheduler and OLE Automation.