FlySpeed Database Migration Tools

Product overview

Database migration under control

FlySpeed DB Migrate is a timesaver for database migration and data transfer tasks. It successfully copes with the two main problems occured during migration from one database server to another:

  • Full transfer of the database tables structure and data in regards to all the fine points of the destination database server
  • Data transfer into already existing tables with ability to maintain data actuality afterwards (single-side synchronization).

The tool to move your database from one server to another

FlySpeed DB Migrate provides rapid data migration across databases ensuring lossless data integrity. It allows modification of a database structure and data with ease. With FlySpeed DB Migrate, you gain the control you need during the migration process.

The tool for everyday data transfer

FlySpeed DB Migrate is not a one-time utility but a set of Power Tools to automate your data movement and synchronization tasks. Saving all migration options to a file, you may easily repeat your task in a few mouse clicks. The Command-line tool and the Task Scheduler let you automate your data transfer completely.

FlySpeed DB Migrate Key Features

  • Complete or partial transfer of database schema and data.
  • Restructure/Transform schema and data with ease during migration.
  • Transfer data into existing tables within the destination database.
  • Transfer new/updated/deleted records only (single-sided data synchronization).
  • Generation of SQL Script (Dump) for future execution on the destination database server.
  • Running data synchronization tasks in one click using the Command-line tool.
  • Full automation of migration process with the Task Scheduler and OLE Automation.
  • Full monitoring and control over the database generation process.
  • Full Unicode support.

Available versions

FlySpeed DB Migrate is available for the following database servers to migrate to:
FlySpeed DB Migrate to MySQL Download free trial now
FlySpeed DB Migrate to SQL Server and Azure Download free trial now

The right solution for your database and data migration tasks

Being a professional tool, FlySpeed DB Migrate achieves remarkable data transfer speed, provides advanced configuration settings and has full Unicode support. It allows full control over the migration process, and features simple and convenient user interface. FlySpeed Database Migration Tool frees you up from routine database tasks for more profitable or enjoyable activities.

"Migrating a database is no easy job. Any incorrect action during the process of database structure and data transfer can lead to a dramatic loss of time and money. Thus the main task of a database administrator while dealing with this job is to get everything under tight control..." Read the whole article.