FlySpeed SQL Query

Feature list

Wide range of supported database servers and desktop databases

  • Full support of SQL syntax for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MS Access, MS Excel, PostgreSQL, InterBase, Firebird, IBM DB2, Informix, Sybase, Advantage DB, Pervasive PSQL, SQLite
  • Support of other ANSI SQL-compatible database servers such as Teradata, Netezza and desktop databases (Paradox, FoxPro, dBase DBF)
  • Native connection to Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS Access, InterBase/Firebird, Advantage DB, NexusDB
  • Connection to any other database via ADO or ODBC driver
  • SSH tunnel connection to MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL databases
  • HTTP tunnel connection to MySQL databases

General features:

  • Working with multiple queries and connection at a time
  • Portable mode to work from a USB Flash drive or a remote/network folder
  • Read-only mode to prevent accidental data changing
  • Protected mode that denies modification of connection properties without Administrator privileges

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Simple and convenient database object browser

  • Quick access to all queryable database objects
  • Saving and browsing SQL queries directly in the Database Explorer
  • Incremental search and filtration by database objects and queries
  • Customizable grouping of database objects in the Database Explorer
  • Looking up for database object details

Easy work with SQL queries for newbies and pros

  • Visual query builder to explore and modify even complex queries
  • Independent editing of sub-queries in visual and text modes
  • Sub-query result data preview during the query building process
  • Powerful SQL Text Editor with code completion, syntax highlighting and code folding
  • Executing SQL scripts by statements
  • Customizable SQL query text formatting
  • Displaying detailed information about query: used database objects and fields
  • SQL query execution history is saved between work sessions

Convenient data browsing

  • Browsing and editing data in Grid and Form view modes
  • Master-detail data browsing
  • Quick data search, sorting, and filtration
  • Browsing and editing the content of BLOB fields in various formats
  • Ability to lookup referenced tables on editing values for fields with foreign keys
  • Totals calculation: summarizing and other aggregate functions
  • Copying selected data regions to the Clipboard
  • Data browsing settings are saved between work sessions

Advanced features (available in paid versions only)

  • Exporting data to most popular office formats: MS Excel (.xls, .xslx), CSV, plain text, JSON, SQL script, HTML and XML
  • Printing and exporting data to PDF in a few mouse clicks
  • Import data from the clipboard, CSV and Excel files.

Compatibility with all modern database servers and desktop databases

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Azure
  • Oracle
  • MySQL, MariaDB
  • Microsoft Jet 4 Engine: MS Access, MS Excel *
  • PostgreSQL
  • InterBase,
  • Firebird
  • IBM DB2 (Universal, AS/400)
  • Informix
  • Sybase ASA, ASE
  • Advantage DB
  • Pervasive PSQL
  • SQLite
  • Teradata
  • Netezza
  • DBF files (Paradox, FoxPro, dBase).

Ability to localize the tool to any language and culture

FlySpeed SQL Query is currently translated into several languages:

  • Russian translation (thanks to Sergey Kraikov)
  • Japanese translation (thanks to Hironori Nakagawara)
  • Polish translation (thanks to Witek Szczypka)
  • German translation (thanks to André Denis Helsper)
  • Italian translation (thanks to Fabio Santacaterina)
  • French translation (thanks to Fabrice Guerlais)