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The Command-line tool allows you to run your data export jobs simply by clicking on the shortcut on your desktop or by hitting a hot key.


To use it you should pass the previously saved project file as the first command line parameter for the tool. This could be made in the "Run..." menu item from the Start menu. Also you may copy the Command-line tool shortcut to the Desktop and add the path to your project file by modifying shortcut's properties.


Running data export projects, you may pass parameters for your SQL queries, thus varying the resulting output data.



dataexport_capp.exe projectfile [-[queryname.]param=value ...]

 [-log=logfile [/O]] [/P]


 queryname   - name of query with input parameters

 param       - name of input parameter

 value       - value of input parameter

 projectfile - FlySpeed Data Export Project File

 logfile     - log file name

 /O          - open log file on completion

 /P          - pause on completion