FlySpeed Data Export

Feature Matrix

Common features
Data extraction from direct connections, OLE DB or ODBC data sources. See details
Data export to many popular office formats. See details
Simple and convenient graphical user interface
Exporting data from tables and views
Selecting fields to export and changing their order
Wide range of configuration options for each data format
High performance, low memory utilization, optimized for large databases
Multiprocessor systems optimization: Exporting data from several tables at a time
New: Portable installation is possible
Advanced data export options
Automatic saving of all settings made within a work session
Quick browsing and re-using of previously saved data export tasks
Easy sorting and filtration of exported data
Exporting data from custom SQL queries
New: Export multiple tables into one Excel file on different sheets
New: Splitting data to several files when exporting to CSV, RTF, HTML, Excel, Text and XML
Advanced automation features
Command-line tool to run export projects in a single click

Task Scheduler to automate your export jobs

COM Server to run the command line tool programmatically via OLE Automation

Ability to define parameters to export data from custom SQL queries

Command line tool allows you to specify query parameter values

Data extraction from direct connections, OLE DB or ODBC data sources

  • Direct connection to MS SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL source databases.
  • Direct connection to MS Access source databases. *
  • OLE DB and ODBC connection to PostgreSQL, InterBase, Firebird, DB2, Informix, Sybase and other data sources. *
  • Data extraction from desktop databases Paradox, FoxPro, dBase (DBF) through ODBC. *
  • New: Exporting data using native Oracle Export and mysqldump utilities.

* Available in the Universal Edition only.

Data export to many popular office formats

  • Export to MS Excel spreadsheets.
  • Export to CSV (Comma-separated values) files.
  • Export to Text (Space delimited columns) files.
  • Export to MS Word and RTF documents.
  • New: Export to Open Document Text and Spreadsheet.
  • New: Export to OpenXML format (readable by MS Excel 2007 and MS Word 2007).
  • Export to XML files.
  • Export to HTML web pages.
  • Export to MS Access database.
  • Export to dBase (DBF) tables.
  • Exporting BLOB field values to files.