FlySpeed Data Export

Product advantages

What makes FlySpeed Data Export the best professional tool?

1. Data Export Projects make work much easier.

Data Export Project is actually a saved work session to perform the same Data Export Task at a later time. It allows to repeat the task in a few clicks running from the wizard without having to specify the same data export settings again and again. Working with the wizard, you may easily load the saved project, quickly jump to specific step to change settings or run the Data Export Task immediately.

2. Great opportunities of Data Export automation.

FlySpeed Data Export always provides the easiest way to export data from your database the way you need. Its Power Tools set allows to execute export tasks simply running the Data Export Project by means of the Command-line Tool, to set their execution on the schedule, and even to apply to such tasks from other software tools supporting OLE Automation, VBA, for instance.

3. Data Export from SQL queries.

  • Lets you to export not all data from a table, but only the data you really need;
  • Allows regular export of recent data with the help of the Task Scheduler using special functions in SQL queries. For example, data export from the following query once scheduled for the beginning of your workday will allow you to have a report about the yesterday orders on your desktop daily:
  • Gives you the opportunity to get specific data you need promptly using parameters in SQL queries, and you don't have to remake the query once again! You can create a data export project with the set of necessary queries and various parameters - thus you can have the most relevant information always at hand!

4. Data Export from BLOB fields.

FlySpeed Data Export has a special export type, to save binary data from BLOB fields in separate files. So you can easily extract pictures, texts, letters attachments or any other necessary information stored in your database as BLOB fields.

5. Database export at the speed of light.

FlySpeed Data Export combines great ease of exporting data from database with a remarkable transfer speed. Being originally designed for multiprocessor environment, FlySpeed Data Export achieves the highest transfer rates while working at modern multi-core systems. Take advantage of the real multiprocessor data exporting, and get your data exported like a shot!

Available versions

FlySpeed Data Export Tool is available in the following editions:
FlySpeed Data Export, Universal Edition Download now
FlySpeed Data Export for MySQL Download now
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