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Step 1. Source database type

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This step allows you to select type of source database to export data from.


FlySpeed Data Export is able to extract data from various sources: server and desktop databases, local files (Excel, DBF), as well as from any other source supported by ADO or ODBC technologies.


Connection to MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and MS Access databases is made through native database drivers to achieve maximum possible data transfer speed.


To connect to other database servers and data sources use ADO or ODBC connection options. To be able to connect to your database using these ADO or ODBC you should have appropriate OLE DB provider or ODBC driver installed in your system. Drivers for many databases and file formats are already present in your Windows system. Drivers for other databases are usually installed with appropriate database client software. If you can't find one, you may ask your database administrator or contact  your database vendor. Most of free and open-source databases let you  download them from their web sites. Few databases don’t have native OLE DB provider or ODBC driver available; in this case you may search  the Internet for third-party drivers.