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Step 3. Data export type

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At this step, you should choose the file format for data to be exported to. The list of all formats is available at the Data Format radio group.


You may choose only one format at a time. To export data to multiple file formats you may export to one, save export project and re-run the wizard, and change the file format at this step.


BLOB data to files

This type of export differs from the other as it doesn't generate one file (or one table in case of exporting to MS Access database) for each exported object, but extracts content of selected BLOB fields, into separate files each. This way you may extract images, other media or documents from the database to files.


Note that exporting data from MS Access OLE BLOB fields, FlySpeed Data Export correctly extracts images and other types of documents from OLE containers unlike other data export utilities.


Default export directory

The directory specified at this step will be used to save result files, if no other directory is specified for an object at the fifth step.


Delete files if exist

Check this option to delete existing files with the same name. Otherwise, data export will fail on finding a file with the same name. This option could be overridden at the fifth step.