FlySpeed Power Tools


Command-line Tool

Running data transfer tasks in a few clicks

Ability to store all settings made on the current session of working with the tool is a necessary feature. And the next thing you need to automate your job is to run previously saved data transfer projects without reviewing all these settings prior to running the task. This is why the command-line tools are included in all FlySpeed data transfer products.

The Command-line tool allows you to run your export jobs simply by clicking on the shortcut on your desktop or by hitting a hot key. To use it you should pass the previously saved project file as the first command line parameter for the tool. This could be made in the "Run..." menu item from the Start menu. Or you may copy the Command-line tool shortcut to the Desktop and add the path to your project file by modifying shortcut's properties.

FlySpeed Task Scheduler

Automating your data transfer tasks is easy

FlySpeed Task Scheduler is an easy-to-use application that runs in background to start FlySpeed data transfer projects according to a schedule. It is able to work with all of FlySpeed data transfer tools at once, without need to run multiple schedulers for each tool. FlySpeed Task Scheduler works even if the standard Windows scheduler is switched off or not accessible due to the network policy restrictions.

Feature List

  • Working in the background, hiding into the system tray.
  • Allows flexible scheduling of transfer project execution.
  • Saving a detailed log file for each execution.

COM Server Automation

Extra power in your hands

Sometimes your need more flexible means to automate your data flow. For example, you may wish to export data right after completion of some other programming task. Or you may need to export not all but specific data depending on user's demands. In this case, you may call your data transfer projects directly from your scripts and applications via OLE Automation technology. Each FlySpeed command-line tool introduces COM server functionality so you may easily run your data transfer projects programmatically. Moreover running FlySpeed Data Export projects, you may pass parameters for your SQL queries varying the resulting output data.

Compatibility List

FlySpeed Power Tools are available for the following products:
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