FlySpeed DB Migrate to MySQL

Feature list

Different modes of database migration and data transfer

  • Complete transfer of database tables structure and data from the source to the destination database servers.
  • Transfer of selected database objects and schemas only.
  • Transfer data into existing tables within the destination database.
  • Transfer new/updated/deleted records only (single-sided data synchronization).
  • Generation of an SQL script for future execution on the destination MySQL server.

Import database schema and data from any OLE DB or ODBC data source

  • Import database structure and data from standalone database servers: MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, Informix, PostgreSQL, InterBase, Firebird and other.
  • Import database structure and data from desktop databases: Paradox, FoxPro, DBF.
  • Import data from popular office formats (though ODBC driver): Excel, CSV, TXT.
  • Direct import from MS Access databases, including correct image extraction from OLE BLOB fields.
  • Full Unicode support.

High customization, full control over the migration process.

  • Extracting full metadata information available (tables, fields, PK, FK and indices).
  • Selecting source objects to extract metadata and to move data from.
  • Full customization of the target database and objects.
  • Quick filtration of transferred data.
  • Wide range of SQL Script generation options.
  • Ability to view and edit a generated SQL script.
  • Full monitoring and control over the database generation process.
  • Ability to stop when encountering an erroneous SQL statement, correct it and resume.
  • Ability to rollback all changes in the database when error occurs during the data transfer.
  • Ability to run additional SQL scripts before and after the import process.
  • Ability to log the whole migration process.

Advanced features (available in Professional version only)

  • Saving all current session settings to the project file for repeated use.
  • New: Command-line tool to run data transfer projects in a single click.
  • New: Task Scheduler to automate your data transfer tasks.
  • New: COM Server to run the command line tool programmatically via OLE Automation.